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All electronic devices need power electronics of some sort. Not just the power source is of importance, but also the conversion and storage of power – as well as thermal management and controlling.

Paying an increased amount of attention to the aspect of power electronics in your design has become very important. Therefore, power plays a more and more important role in a broad spectrum of markets.

Power Electronics play an increasingly important role in circuit design. It is crucial to pay close attention to power sources, power conversion and storage. Applications get increasingly complex, due to a level of functionalities that is much higher, than decades ago. This means, that more electronic components need to be used in the final application. And not all of these run under the same conditions. For example, you would need a lower voltage to operate a sensor than an MCU. The more components with different demands in power levels and type, the closer the design engineer will have to look after the power management on the board.

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