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Mouser signs Distribution Agreement with Gowin Semiconductor

Mouser Electronics, Inc. announces a global distribution agreement with GOWIN Semiconductor Corp., the world’s fastest-growing programmable logic company. GOWIN’s products are designed to provide small-size and low-power solutions to the marketplace.

Mouser Gowin

GOWIN LittleBee® GW1NR-9 FPGAs allow for more efficiency with onboard pseudostatic RAM (PSRAM) and high-speed data rates. Based on 55nm LP technology, the GW1NR-9 FPGAs offer low power consumption, instant-on functionality, high security, and intensive inputs and outputs (I/O).

The DK-START-GW1NSE2 development kit is designed for GW1NS-2C SoC FPGAs, which embed an Arm® Cortex®-M3 processor with a 2K LUT FPGA fabric and a hardware root of trust keypair capability for security functions like secure boot, secure download, and platform resiliency. The development kit includes LVDS and GPIO interfaces, as well as an external USB Type-C interface, clock, LEDs, and other peripherals.

The DK-START-GW1NS2 V2.1 development kit is designed to evaluate the operation and performance of the GW1NS-2 SoC FPGAs. The GW1NS-2 FPFA embeds an Arm Cortex-M3 processor, USB 2.0 PHY, 32 Mbits of PSRAM, 1 Mbit of user flash memory, and an eight-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The kit also offers MIPI/LVDS interfaces, GPIO interfaces, USB Type-C, and a seven-segment digital tube display.

The DK-START-GW2A55-PG484 development kit is designed to evaluate the Arora® GW2A-LV55PG484 FPGA’s high-performance DSP resources, high-speed LVDS interface, and many BSRAM memory resources. The kit provides high-speed data storage based on DDR3, and a high-speed communication test based on MIPI, LVDS, and Gigabit Ethernet (GbE).