Launching a self-service platform that will revolutionize the IoT market

Akenza IoT

Akenza AG is releasing a major update of its IoT Application Enablement Platform on March 23rd. The new version of the platform enables organizations of all sizes to develop their own smart solutions in self-service and without the need to write any code.
Early adopters in R&D and Innovation teams need a solution to quickly and effortlessly createIoT use cases and for them, this is an absolute revolutionary step towards the broad marketapplicability of IoT.

A straightforward solution to complex IoT challenges

We believe that the Internet of Things will improve our lives radically. However, building an IoT solution is still a complex endeavor.
We are convinced that by substantially reducing the effort and complexity that companies face when creating IoT solutions, we can accomplish the broad market employment of the Internet of Things. The new akenza platform has been developed with this goal in mind and we are glad to finally offer our SaaS solution with enhanced features and self-service capabilities that will make
it possible for companies to start their IoT case right away, even with no coding skills:

  1. Connectivity-as-a-Service to make use of network providers hosted and managed by
  2. No-code Dataflow to simply define the data processing chain with an extensive device
    type library and different output connectors such as Akenza Database, Webhook, E-Mail
    and SMS.
  3. No-code Rule Engine to apply business logic to incoming data in order to trigger
    actions or alarm notifications.
  4. Advanced User Management to allow more fine-grained permissions on both
    organization and workspace level of your project.