Automotive Magazine now available from Electronics Update

Automotive Magazine now available from Electronics Update

15/09/20211 min read

Just click on the image and you will be redirected to our Automotive Magazine. The Automotive Market has seen a great deal of change in the past years. The unstoppable…

IoT Magazine 2021 Edition now available from Electronics Update

07/06/20212 min read

IoT Magazine with 50+ pages of high class technical content Just click on the image and you will be redirected to our IoT Magazine. The Internet of Things Market has…

The Development of a Water Based and Metal Free Battery

18/05/20214 min read

A metal free battery could be a game changer in the ecological footprint of battery powered devices. Our daily life as we know it would be not imaginable without batteries.…

Inexpensive tin packs a big punch for the future of supercapacitors

24/03/20214 min read

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A sustainable, powerful micro supercapacitor on tin base may be on the horizon, thanks to an international collaboration of researchers from Penn State and the University…

Contactless High Performance Power Transmission

12/03/20214 min read

A team led by Technical University of Munich (TUM) physicists Christoph Utschick and Prof. Rudolf Gross has succeeded in making a coil with superconducting wires capable of transmitting power in…

Sushi-like rolled 2D heterostructures may lead to new miniaturized electronics

11/03/20216 min read

The recent synthesis of one-dimensional van der Waals heterostructures, a type of heterostructure made by layering two-dimensional materials that are one atom thick, may lead to new, miniaturized electronics that…

Defragmentation of SSD, Harmful or Not?

23/02/20214 min read

It’s a normal situation everybody has experienced at least once. Read and write circles on your computer appear to be slower and slower. One of the usual procedures is the…

Tricky Terrain for NASA perseverance: Helping to Assure a Safe Landing

22/02/20216 min read

After a nearly seven-month journey to Mars, NASA Perseverance rover is slated to land at the Red Planet’s Jezero Crater Feb. 18, 2021, a rugged expanse chosen for its scientific…

Physicists discover important new property for graphene

16/02/20216 min read

We reported about Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes and their usage in the electronics industry before. Now MIT researchers and colleagues discovered an important — and unexpected — electronic property of…

The Biden Plan for the Electronics Industry

The Biden Plan for the Electronics Industry

09/11/20204 min read

The 2020 presidential elections in the United States were a lengthy and exhausting process. From rioters destroying business and private property, via irregularities in mail-in polling and last but not…

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