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The Internet of Things Market has reached a staggering volume, and is expected to continue its growth in the future. According to several market research institutes, the overall market size will reach the remarkable volume of several hundred billions of dollars. Industry research calculates more than 400 billion dollar global IoT market volume. The growth rates are also of respectable size. Almost all market research companies expect a two digit growth rate over a period of five years.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad concept. In essence, it is a collective term that describes a global infrastructure that connects devices theoretically and physically to a worldwide accessible network. To realize this, there are numerous technologies, components and software products necessary. A good example is a fitness tracking watch, that monitors the vital signals of the customer via sensors, transmits the data via a wireless connection to a smartphone, or uploads it directly into a cloud. The data is then accessible to the customer at any time. The only requirement is an internet connection. Which, in 2021, is available almost everywhere and 24/7.

Since Internet of Things is such a groundbreaking topic, we decided to dedicate this topic a complete IoT Magazine. The broad variety of topics from software over wireless to security standards for connected devices, create a fascinating reading environment. We have composed a comprehensive IoT Magazine that is unparalleled in the industry. On more than 50 pages, reknown manufacturers have contributed their technical knowledge.

Our supplier line up includes some of the best in class electronics companies and thought leaders in IoT. Such as Akenza, Intel, Nordic Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics and Rohde & Schwarz – to name just a few!

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