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Embedded System is a term that describes a type of system that consists of a processor or MCU, a memory unit, as well as I/O devices. These systems received their name, because they are not standalone. They are integrated in a bigger mechanical or electrical machines. Embedded Systems are often used for controlling and monitoring purposes. 

Based on an MCU, these systems are able to receive information from the overall system or by the user. These information are then processed and lead to a certain outcome.

A good example is a CNC milling machine. Here, an Embedded Computer Systems is used to run the soft- and firmware, as well as processing uploaded CNC designs for manufacturing. In addition, it also controls the machine’s operation, as well as providing vital information on the machine’s status to the operator.

Modern systems usually combine all sort of components, from passives, semiconductors, electromechanics, up to communication and IoT modules or displays.

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