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The electronics industry is one of the largest industry branches worldwide. It combines various product and production sectors. The main one being the semiconductor industry with estimated global sales of 481 billion US-Dollars in 2018.

A modern world without electronics is unimaginable. Electronics started their triumph already in the 1960s, and demand has skyrocketed since then. Increased demand and supply of electronic components resulted through a very high diffusion of electronics into our daily lives. Products that used mechanical parts in the past nowadays rely on electronic components to function properly.

An example is the turning indicator in automobiles. It used to be a mechanical relay, but modern vehicles use semiconductor elements for the same operation.

The most often produced electronic component is the MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect-Transistor), with an estimated 13 sextillion pieces from 1960 until 2018.

In addition to a categorization in product groups, the electronic industry can also be clustered by different characteristics. For example according to the field of business or application. Since components can often be used for different purposes, this can be a useful approach. That’s why electronics update collects and sorts news in the categories of IoTPowerEmbedded  and electromechanics.

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