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Digi-Key improves Quote Manager Tool

Digi-Key Electronics announced that it has launched a refreshed Quote Manager tool for customers. Digi-Key’s self-service tool allows customers to quickly and easily generate quotes with secure pricing, accessible from any device or location.

Image by Digi-Key

“We’re excited to share the refreshed look and feel of Quote Manager to give our customers a more consistent and easy-to-use expereience. We know that our customers want access to all of our pricing, availability and quoting information instantly, and are excited about this option for those who don’t want to wait for an email quote or phone inquiry to be returned. The tool allows our customers to receive the information they want instantly, and secure the pricing they receive for 30 days.”

Ian Wallace, director of EMEA business development for Digi-Key

The recently refreshed Quote Manager tool allows any registered customer who is logged into the website the ability to generate an official Digi-Key quote for any project, component or BOM. Customers can upload and download lists, with PDF format available. Quote Manager also features the ability to secure pricing for 30 days on every item in the quote, and the downloadable quotes are sharable with colleagues and other collaborators. The tool is now available in all global languages and currencies.

“I love the new design for quotes. Digi-Key has the most user-friendly site I work with, especially for being able to create and email myself quotes.”

Jennifer Priebe, test solutions engineering for IBM

Digi-Key offers the largest selection of electronic components in stock and available for immediate shipment, and with customers able to instantly procure secure quotes on these products, they will be able to receive quoted products that much faster with in-stock items arriving in 48 hours or less to most parts of the world.

To learn more about the Quote Manager tool, as well as other new customer self-service tools, please visit the Digi-Key Quote Self-Service page.